Support Children’s Futures Today

Support Children's Futures Today

What if we supported parents with the resources and education they needed to create safe environments and strengthen their confidence as caregivers? To prevent the cycle of trauma that’s so often passed down among generations?

Imagine how this could drastically reduce childhood trauma and abuse, by preventing it before it ever happened?

This future is possible.

And American SPCC is helping build it with a simple, yet powerful concept: that investing in parents today helps children for generations to come.

With your support, we can continue offering new, updated resources that caregivers, friends and family are looking for and need. In 2021, our easily accessible, always-free Parenting Resource Center reached more than 750,000 people, with more visiting each month!

In 2022, we aim to bring positive, life-changing impacts to even more families across the globe.

And this growth requires the support of donors who understand that an investment in families is an investment in our future.

Please consider joining us as we help create brighter futures, one family at a time!